Search Engine Marketing – Taking The Initiative

Why use it?

Search engine marketing is helpful in a number of ways. The overriding goal is to increase the revenue by increasing the number of visitors to your web site. Additionally, the visitors must show a high conversion rate. In other words, the visitors who are directed to your web site should be those who are targeted. They look for a product on the internet, are directed to your web site and are convinced to purchase the product you offer. Although search engine spiders don’t read web pages–people do–it is still important to provide enough information in the text of your web page that searchers are directed to your page for the answers they seek.

How does it work?

Search engine marketing is both very simple and as complex as you want it to be. It is simple in the sense that if you use a variety of keywords–ones that the searcher is likely to enter in a query box on your web page, the search engine spider will rate those favorably and your page will be returned as a response. However, this doesn’t mean that just listing a lot of possible keywords on your page will make it rank higher than others selling the same product or service. This is where the complexity of the practice enters in. The web page must be readable and informative to the human reader as well.

Using tricks of the trade

You can take advantage of several tricks of the trade that are perfectly acceptable to the search engine robots who visit your web site in order to index it and provide page rankings. Search engine marketing, for example that includes the key word in the title or subtitle of your page is acceptable, in fact, encouraged. Take advantage of the images descriptions on your web page. This not only allows the visually impaired person to understand the image that is being described, but you can add an additional use of the keyword.

Positive results

Using search engine marketing creatively will help to make your web site attractive, informative and a positive link for individuals searching the web for your product. This creates good customer perceptions and makes the visitors want to return to your site again and again. It cannot be stressed enough that people read web pages, not search engine spiders. You may get visitors to a web site with creative marketing techniques, but providing real value for the customer is what encourages them to make the step from visitor to customer.

Does software help?

Some very good search engine marketing tools are available on the internet currently. Not only does the packaged software help you to determine good keywords, but it helps to determine how your competitors are doing in the marketing efforts. You can use the software to decide what techniques to use because they are working well for others, and which techniques to avoid because they are not doing well. Even helping with additional keyword lists may give your revenue a boost.

Unique Ways of Internet Marketing

There is a message to communicate to the prospective customer but they are so much affected by advertisements and other promotion materials received by online business enterprises that the chances of your message getting across becomes slim. It is fact that average number of customers in country gets around 3500 commercial messages in a day.

To make sure your targets customers take notice it is necessary that organization is presented in the best possible way.

Speak directly to your customer. Use those delivery channels that allow one to one communication. Using mass media it is more difficult to hit the prospective client.Use that sort of media in Internet Marketing that allows you to communicate directly to your audience. Always consider that sort of media channels that allows you to speak to your audience in their terms. Also make sure that your visual marketing is distinct and individual to the organization.

Keep the visual design of your communication clean, simple and approachable. Whether it is your website or company’s brochure, always keep clear, concise and less matter in it. This is particularly true for communication that is introductory in nature. Most of the prospective buyers and customers do not go deeper and learn more, so it is essential to present your message in an easy format that is understood by all the audiences. So giving too much of information also confuses the people and clean and simple design assists them to easily find what they are looking for.

The rule of uniqueness accounts true those visual communication efforts that generally use templates, clip art or overused formats. You deserve that visual presence which is unique to your organization so do not try to follow the crowd and rise above it.

Thus Internet Marketing techniques becomes successful when it allows to speak directly to your customer, create uniqueness in advertisement and selling and keeps the product description clean and simple.

Affiliate Niche Market – How to Test if Yours Will Be Successful

Many affiliate marketers are looking for string of niche markets that they can make a profit in. Even the most successful marketers may only find 3 successful niches for every 10 that they try out. So how can you test to find which ones are going to be successful?

The first way is to carry out a Google AdWords campaign using direct linking. This is one of the fastest ways to get some results. It is also a method where you can easily measure results. Direct linking is where you publish your ad and send traffic direct from your advert to the merchant’s site.

The numbers that you should be looking at are the CTR (click through rate) and CPC (cost per conversion). This will give you invaluable information about whether customers are interested enough in your offer to actually click on the ads to find out more. It will also give an indication of how well the merchant’s site converts its customers.

This is something that is not often talked about in affiliate marketing circles. You can do everything right by sending qualified prospects through to the merchant’s site. But if their site doesn’t convert them into paying customers, you’re wasting your time.

If you are not ready to start spending money on pay per click (PPC) advertising like Google AdWords, you can use free methods. To do this you need to write a number of articles about the subject. Then submit them to the popular article directories like EzineArticles and Goarticles. You can also build some Squidoo lenses, Hubpages, and Blogger blogs about your niche. This type of approach is sometimes called ‘bum marketing’.

Think big. One or two articles won’t cut it with this method. You need to be thinking of creating 100+ articles. They do not need to be masterpieces, but they should give some relevant information.

This type of article marketing will take longer for you to start seeing results and it is less measurable. But the big advantage is that it is free. You could even find that you start getting affiliate commissions without having to lay out any money. Once you start to see a steady flow of money coming in, then you can start to invest in PPC advertising.

Visual Marketing Strategies to Help You Rise Above the Crowd

You have a message to communicate to your prospective customer. Unfortunately, they’re so overwhelmed by advertisements and other promotional information that the chances of your message getting across are slim to none. Indeed, studies show that the average consumer in this country is bombarded with nearly 3500 commercial messages a day.

So what can you do to make sure your target market takes notice? What can you do to make sure your organization is presented in the best possible light?

Speak Directly to Your Customer

Use delivery channels that allow for one-to-one communication. For example, it’s more difficult to target a prospect or client through a mass media vehicle like television, versus direct electronic mail where your audience volunteers to hear from you. Untargeted, mass-marketing efforts are often disruptive to a prospect (think of the commercials you’re thrown to when you hear the familiar, “right after these messages” from television game show hosts).

Media that allows you to communicate more directly to your audience, like variable-data printing (VDP), allow for the customization of text and imagery in print and electronic media. For example, with variable-data and digital printing, it’s possible to retrieve an individual’s area of interest from a database so that the photography and text in a brochure is tailored specifically to their needs. Always consider media channels that allow you to speak to your audience on their terms.

Be Unique

Make sure your visual marketing is as distinct and individual as your organization. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you see (or hear) a commercial for an automobile dealership? There seems to be an unwritten rule that they must all be loud and overbearing. You know which spots we’re talking about: 20 font styles with 20 different colors; flashing, flying and spinning video and graphics; and an extremely loud voiceover. Does the similarity of these commercials help one dealership stand out from the others? The same holds true for visual communication efforts that use templates, clip art, or overused formats. You deserve a visual presence that is as unique as your organization. Don’t follow the crowd-rise above it!

Keep It Clean and Simple

Keep the visual design of your communication uncluttered and approachable. Whether it’s on your website, a company brochure, or a billboard, less is usually better. This is particularly true for communication that is introductory in nature. Until a prospective customer becomes interested enough to dig deeper and learn more, present your message in an easily digestible format-most people get overwhelmed when they are presented with too much information. A clean and simple design helps them more easily find what they’re after.

Be Consistent

Use a family of typefaces, colors, backgrounds and graphic elements for your communication pieces. Be consistent in your identity marks-make sure your logo is consistent in its presentation, including any associated type treatment. Make it easy on yourself-there’s no reason to reinvent the wheel for every new communication piece you develop. Once your organization has established an appropriate visual identity, you want to be consistent in your branding efforts. Make it easy for your customers to recognize your organization in all of your visual messages.

If you follow these guidelines in your visual marketing, your messages will be targeted, clear, memorable, and separate you from the crowd.